You Are NOT A Failure!

You Are NOT A Failure! — because finding solutions is NOT failing.

One thing that’s certain in life is that we all make mistakes. Keep in mind that it’s how you deal with mistakes that determine whether or not you are a failure.

Our clients often say, “I can’t believe I’m filing bankruptcy.  I feel like such a failure.”

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Truth is that having the courage to confront and seek solutions to your problems is the opposite of failure.

We can’t stress this enough:

Filing bankruptcy does NOT make you a failure — Quite the opposite, since it gives you the opportunity to start over.

Instead of dodging calls from creditors and worrying about how you will ever get out of debt, you will be able to focus on achieving your goals and managing your finances in a beneficial way. You will be able to accumulate wealth rather than paying never-ending mounting interest.

Bankruptcy laws were passed to help people in distress recover from crushing debt. You deserve a chance to take back control of your finances and stop the negative cycle of being continuously behind on payments. Once that burden is lifted, you will be free to use your energy toward building the life that you want.

Some Simple Advice to Consider:

Don’t Give Up

Accept that you have made mistakes or that certain events were out of your control – but don’t let the past be your defining moment. Talk to a bankruptcy attorney about your options.

Try to Consider Your Situation Objectively

Many people let the emotional toll debt carries get the best of them and don’t look at their financial situation in an objective, business-like manner. Some ignore the situation altogether because it is too stressful to address it head on. Others are unrealistic about the future, hoping they will somehow get enough money to pay off all their debts. Meanwhile, interest is accruing and creditors are calling, making their situation all the more grim.

Do yourself a favor and try to take an objective, realistic look at your financial situation. Start by speaking to a reliable and qualified attorney who can give you sound legal advice and finally put you at ease. You can call Royzman Law Firm at 310.954.8503 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. Once you are realistic and figure out which options are best suited for your unique situation, you can start heading towards a fresh start.

Don’t Be Scared or Ashamed

The stigma surrounding bankruptcy is put out there for a reason and only benefits creditors. Individuals struggling with financial troubles should not feel guilty for considering bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legal option that improves people’s lives and benefits society as a whole. A safety net is an essential part of our economic system. Although the bankruptcy process may seem daunting, with the right team on your side, it will not be scary or intimidating. After speaking with us, our clients tell us they finally feel a sense of control over their lives again.

Bankruptcy is More Common that You Think

You Are Not Alone! – It is common for individuals struggling with debt to feel alone in their financial struggles. However, chances are that you have friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, etc., who have filed – they just didn’t advertise it.

Stress Can Be Toxic

Don’t continue to stress about not being able to make your payments. It hurts your health and it hurts those around you. By filing for bankruptcy, you can stop this terrible situation and (in most cases) keep your home, car, wages, and other property.

Life is short. Accept your situation and choose to learn from it. If you are exhausted from trying to stay on top of your debt, consider giving yourself an opportunity for a fresh start. There’s no telling what you’ll be able to achieve.

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney Natella Royzman explains more about how bankruptcy can offer a life-changing financial freedom to people in a wide variety of situations in our previous blog posts: Bankruptcy 101 Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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